Bathroom Sinks

To some people, a sink is just a sink but to others, a sink has meaning, communicates something to all those who come across it besides being functional. This is why you need to put effort in choosing your belfast sink.

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All houses have a theme. In some cases, it is possible for different rooms to have different themes. In such cases, it is essential to select all the fittings and fixtures carefully so that they are in accordance with the theme. For the bathroom, the theme may be a specific colour or style and the sink must comply. Style can be brought out in the shape of the sink, how it is mounted, its colour and even how well it complements everything else in the bathroom.


A good sink is easy to clean and maintain. Low quality sinks easily stain and discolour and such sinks are an eyesore in a home or building. However, proper selection of sinks ensures that the sinks chosen are of high quality and therefore less likely to stain or change colours. Since staining can also be caused by poor cleaning habits or the use of corrosive and unnecessarily harsh cleaning detergents, it is good to confirm which cleaning detergents are acceptable before you purchase the sink.

Space utilisation

The bathroom may be small or large- which may be intentional based on your space or it might have been by accident. However, there is so much that can be done with the bathroom whether it is large or small. Choosing the right sink or sinks ensures that there is proper utilisation of space such that the bathroom does not give the impression of either being too spacious or too crammed. This is especially important in bathrooms that will be utilised by a group of people.

Representation of style

Sinks can also be classified according to different styles including contemporary, traditional, and some that may have a blend of the two styles. Traditional designs are more appropriate for smaller spaces while contemporary designs are good for spacious interiors. Besides, all fixtures and fittings in any building are a representation of the tastes and preferences as well as the style of the owner. Despite the style you prefer, belfast sinks will have something that will speak to your style and preferences.

How busy is your bathroom?

Sometimes, personal tastes and preferences are outweighed by the diversity of the group using the bathroom. A bathroom that will be used by guests and several family members should more practical than elegant. Why? It is hard to represent everyone's style in a single bathroom and besides, it should be practical for everyone. Therefore something neutral, fixed at the right height will suffice.

Members with special needs

In case there are members of the family with special needs, you need to consider this while purchasing and mounting the sink to ensure that it is readily accessible and easy to use. It can be embarrassing to request for help every time you need to use the bathroom given because it is unreachable or inaccessible.

The choice of a sink needs to be intentional. Do not live it to your contractor or designer as they may choose based on price and their tastes and preferences.